Term 3 Week 1

The first week of this term is surprisingly easy. Unlike previous terms where they bombard us with unfamiliar knowledge on the first day. It feels like a recap week. Managed to finish the first week's homework before the first week end, the last time this happened was in term 1.

Found a new recipe with the rice cooker - I call it the pepperish cheesy wolfberry rice with dumplings. I only ate 2 meals in the canteen.

Apparel making course
The only guy in apparel making course. I signed up for this course to learn about how to use the sewing machine. I will be making a one-piece dress in this course, I dont have the figure to suit a dress, so I will be using Eunice body measurement to make my first dress. After that I can make one for Yan Xin. It is much cheaper to buy a dress from the shop, but it is difficult for Yan Xin to find a dress that suits her size.

Singapore District cooling site visit
I didn't know that the Marina Bay area is cooled by an underground cooling system. It is so cool to see those big machineries in operation. It is also very creative how the architects mask the noisy cooling tower as Waterfall. I wouldn't have known that it was a disguise. I learned that the employee in power industry is aging and it is not an easy path being a Professional Engineer.

Career Internship Fair
CIF is disappointing, I realised that many industries are hiring ISTD students, particularly those that I am interested in. There aren't many companies looking for EPD interns. I am also disappointed that Transcelestial didn't show up, I am very excited to learn more about how the technology in satellite laser communication is progressing. I wish to get an internship this coming summer to clear my internship requirement and also to polish the skills that I have gained in SUTD

Spending my day with Yan Xin
Haven't spent a whole day with Yan Xin on weekend for so long, going for a run and just chilling in the room :D There was weekend last term where I wished I could spend my weekend with her (well, I would have been drowing in design anyway). I love you


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