Just before the start of Term 3

Oh no! 5 weeks long holiday had come to an end.

Energy Camp (18-19 Dec)
The introductory lesson to solar panel by Yuan Long was interesting, I didn't know that some solar panels are arranged in series, so when one panel is blocked, the power generated drops drastically. Building the "skate lorry" was cool and useful, I used the lorry several times to transport items around the school.

Packing up thinktank (25-29 Dec)
I think my greatest achievement during this holiday is to pack up the class thinktank. I would want to move in to live inside. However, it is already getting messy. I managed to get good deals on Carousell for shelves, cupboard, and drawers. One person's rubbish is another person treasure.
I am kinda lazy when it comes to keeping items, but I love to place items according to their categories. So that I know where to throw my stuff after I finish using them. When it comes to times when I am busy, I can quickly put back the items to where they belong. This always happens to my working desk in the hostel.

Class Malaysia Trip (5-7 Jan)
It is a super chill trip. There is no itinerary for this trip, so everything is impromptu.
The food in Malaysia is so cheap, I can get a personal pizza set meal from Pizza Hut for $3.20, that is the price of 菜饭 in Singapore. The highlight of this trip for me is the night when we went to I-city, I enjoy the adrenaline surge when playing theme park rides and the great company playing bumper car. I had been there 1 year ago with Yan Xin, Jermaine, and Sebastian, so nostalgic. Although the motorcycle roller coaster ride is less scary after I went to 北京欢乐谷, I am still scared when the ride comes to an instantaneous stop. 

Wild Wild Wet with Yan Xin (9 Jan)
I wished I had a water-resistant phone so I could take pictures while we play in the park, this is the first time Yan Xin and I went outdoors for months. The park is relatively empty, so there is no need to queue for the slides, WOOHOO! I love the rides, though it is not very scary (except for the vertical slide), being spun around is fun! I think I didn't apply enough sunblock, so I got a sunburn on my shoulders. ><

IAP workshops (11-12 Jan)
-Sign language workshop
It is really fun. Unfortunately, I have to give the second day a miss
IEEE hackathon

UPOP (16-17 Jan)
The course on giving a presentation is the most useful module. We were expected to give 3 presentations in 1 day, we can present on anything under the Sun. It is really interesting to know what other classmates are passionate about. The module about interview doesn't have as many exercises.

Meeting up
5 years streak that we had a 4E1 Christmas party, amazing!

I aimed to run 3 days a week, but I didn't manage to achieve this goal because the momentum broke after going to Malaysia and encountering the cold spell. The cold spell is a dream come true for some Singaporean, basically air-condition everywhere. For 2018, I shall aim to run at least twice a week.


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