Term 2 Week 4

This week is mainly focus on Design project part 2!

Brain storming
It is so difficult to find a problem that no one have tried to solve before. The theme for this year Design module is "The technological body". Maybe we are all frogs living in the well, not enough exposure to the outside world. We had some ideas that I thought was interesting, such as having an eye mask that wakes you up by stimulating the environment, for people to sleep anywhere.
We settled on the idea of helping cyclist to signal their intention. Cyclist aren't that visible to the drivers, so drivers might not notice them they want to turn.

Drawing the Body Documentation and Scenario Analysis
This course should be renamed as "Illustrator 101" instead. We have to self learn alot of illustrator function to create poster to document the body part that we are interested to work on and also the situation that our users are facing. It is 3 late nights of sleeping at 3-4 am, luckily only got 2 academic intensive module this term.

Energy club exco meeting, UA night, never return home during weekend

I scored well for last week math quiz, Yay!


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