Term 2 Week 1, 2, 3

Recess week was indeed Lepak, :D

So here is a summary of what happened the past 3 weeks

Design project part 1

So there is a total of 4 group project part. The first part is basically an introduction to illustrator. We are just thrown a product and we have to create a visual aid to describe how it works. Sucks for those people with no prior knowledge of illustrator. Image trace is the most often used tool, who have time to actually draw those images. I am very proud of my group effort in the montage, it is really very nice. We got 84/100 for our montage, but I think my prof is kinda strict in marking
This is a montage sequence of swallowable parafum

Selected for student ambassador
I think it is time to give back after disturbing my JC classmate (now my seniors) to know more about school life. I haven't had any legit school tours, but i have many unofficial school tours led by my JC classmates.

HungrySia food distribution
new part time job, YAY! Shall not say much about it.

Reflections on the first few weeks
2 technical modules indeed allow us to have more time to focus on each modules. However, the difficulty of the Math and Physics module this term is really tough. I really doubt if I am dumb or I am not paying enough attention in class, kinda demoralising. As of now, i do not have a concrete aim of what I want to achieve in university, but one goal I am certain is that I want to renew my scholarship for the coming years.

Fifth row checks
AdhocEnergy club - active
CD lionheart - neutral ( not much events )
Student Ambassador - active (need to achieve 15 hours)


Everposter (8pm-10pm) - active , but feeling kinda pointless
Mindsports - inactive
Rock climbing - bye bye

Weiqi/GO (5pm-6pm) - active
IEEE - inactive


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