Week 5

motor arm skates
What? I didn't expect the response for this project to be so good ><. Time to challenge myself to lead a project. A noob here.

Math help session is actually useful
Did so much practice in 1 hour !

Doing chemistry homework for 8 hours. What?!
Chemistry homework is a pain in the ass. The calculation is so tedious, I wonder how can i spend so much time on 1 question.

RES exam ><
So I spent the majority of my week studying for the exam. The paper is so tricky. Paper 1 was ok, but paper 2, I have confidence in 54% of my answers so I guess my chances of passing is about 75%. They test so many things that require us to explore the website thoroughly. Ouch, remembered the numbers incorrectly:(

Going home and being over-fed
My mother is too generous when I go home there is so much food for lunch and dinner, even DaBao 2 meals, 40 packets of Milo, 12 apples .... Haha, feels like a hamster when I eat at home (puffs up my cheeks (^~^)


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