My BMT experience - Safety

"Spend a second for your life, or spend your life for a second"

Finally, BMT had ended

Through this BMT, one important thing that I had learnt is safety.
In training, we prepare for war. Everyman is important, so for each men who died in training, is one men less to defend our country.

Actually, first aid is not just about saving other people. It is also about saving yourself. To treat any conditions, the first step is recognition. The best person who knows how you are feeling is yourself.

It is not normal when you are NOT sweating when doing physical activities under the hot sun. It is NOT normal when your thermometer tells you that your temperature is >37.5 degree Celsius.
It will be too late if people find you unconscious. You will be either dead or alive.

I had many cuts and abrasions throughout this BMT, mainly due to my negligence. Ouch.
Wound care is important for recovery. I am surprised by the difference in speed which the 2 wounds recover.


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