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Term 3 Week 1

The first week of this term is surprisingly easy. Unlike previous terms where they bombard us with unfamiliar knowledge on the first day. It feels like a recap week. Managed to finish the first week's homework before the first week end, the last time this happened was in term 1.

Found a new recipe with the rice cooker - I call it the pepperish cheesy wolfberry rice with dumplings. I only ate 2 meals in the canteen.

Apparel making course
The only guy in apparel making course. I signed up for this course to learn about how to use the sewing machine. I will be making a one-piece dress in this course, I dont have the figure to suit a dress, so I will be using Eunice body measurement to make my first dress. After that I can make one for Yan Xin. It is much cheaper to buy a dress from the shop, but it is difficult for Yan Xin to find a dress that suits her size.

Singapore District cooling site visit
I didn't know that the Marina Bay area is cooled by an underground cooling system.…

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